Sleep Trainee Network


Keeping all of us sleep trainees in touch with each other in an unobtrusive, yet helpful forum.


How does this work?

Basically, it works like this:

1. Join the group.

2. You receive email postings sent out periodically. These can be announcements of training events, social events, job postings, training spots open, questions posed to the group, interesting websites, etc. All posts will be moderated, to make sure they are appropriate and helpful.

3. You occasionally post to the group with questions, ideas, announcements, or other helpful / useful / interesting content.


Am I a trainee?

If you are in some sort of training program affiliated with sleep, you are a trainee. This includes undergraduates, grad students, med students, fellows, post-docs, techs who are learning about sleep, etc.

Also, if you are not in a formal training program but you are relatively new to the field, or if you are a junior faculty, this list may be helpful for you as well.

Right now, the definitions are pretty broad. If you're not sure, send me an email and I will tell you.


I'm not a trainee — can I still join?

For now, no.

I want to keep this an open forum for trainees to be able to express themselves without feeling like someone is looking over their shoulder.

This is a group formed by trainees, comprised of trainees, and meant to serve trainees. Perhaps this may change in the future (for example, maybe someone who plays a large role in training but is no longer a trainee wants to join), but for now, that's the way it is.

You may want to consider joining the SLEEP-L, PEDSLEEP or Behavioral Sleep Medicine lists, which are targeted more to non-trainees.


What if I'm not a member of the SRS, AASM or AAST?

A: It doesn't matter. The Network is NOT affiliated in ANY WAY with ANY of these organizations. Nothing posted by the Network is in any way the official voice of any of these organizations, unless it is a posting by them and they say so.

This is completely off the books, beneath the radar, and out of the range of any official organization. Again, we feel that this is important, to make sure it stays independent and autonomous.

However, joining the SRS, AASM or AAST is strongly recommended, as many of our postings will be relevant to members of those organizations.


Any other questions?

Want to join?

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